A few nice Nigerian Pink Tourmalines

Some examples of the pink tourmaline rough I had cut:

Nigerian Pink and Rubellite Tourmalines

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Working on my photo setup

I still wasn’t satisfied with the images I was getting out of my gem photo setup, so I rearranged the lighting some. Here is one from the latest test series, same stone as I posted before. This one is much better, I think. The color and cut really come through!

(pay no attention to the dust spots, this was a lighting test, not “firing for effect”!)

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Things are getting going again!

13.06 carat Nigerian red tourmaline custom cut by Wayne Emery

I know I told you the site would be live after the holdiays…well, Christmas comes in July, doesn’t it???

I’ve been traveling and dealing with a bunch of family issues, but we’re back and ready to start posting gems for you. I have my photo setup dialed in, and now it’s just a matter of shooting the images and turning on the store.

Here’s a new one, to get you back in the groove: This is a 13+ ct. Nigerian red tourmaline, custom cut by Wayne Emery in a beautiful long octagon.

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No SPAM posts, please!

Please don’t waste your time trying to spam this blog. We won’t approve your posts, they just go right to the trash. Sorry about that…!

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Drusy Gemstones

Natural drusy cabs

Drusy gems (also called “druzy” or “druze”) are cabochons with a natural micro-crystalline surface deposited on a mineral matrix. The matrix may be the same mineral as the crystalline surface, or an entirely different mineral. Many types of drusy are natural and untreated, though quartz drusy is sometimes dyed.  They can also be enhanced with a colored metallic coating such as gold or titanium.

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Info about Colored Stones from the AGTA

You can find basic information about colored gems on the AGTA site at this link:


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AGTA “Spectrum” gem cutting award winners for 2011

Check out the latest AGTA cutting award winners from this year’s competition:


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Beautiful custom-cut teal blue prasiolite quartz

Photo credit:  Wayne Emery

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Gem blue chalcedony pair

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Hello world!

Watch this site — coming soon, a new place to buy fine designer gemstones online!

Hi — I am Bob Edwards, owner and operator of Chromis Designs, a gemstone supplier located in San Francisco, California.  Over the next month or so, I will be developing this site into an online store featuring selections from my collection of fine colored stones.

I have some beautiful faceted and cabachon stones waiting for you, including a large selection of gorgeous Nigerian pink tourmalines custom-cut from rough I bought in the late ’90s when the first material from the big strike in the Ibadan region was just coming to market.  That strike played out in under two years, but while it lasted, it produced some of the prettiest pink and red tourmalines around, with great clarity.

I have always been attracted to unusual colored stones and fancy, designer shapes and cuts, and will be featuring many such stones here.

I’ll be posting some sample pictures in the next few days — please check back and see what’s coming.

Here’s a teaser…

5.74 ct hex-cut Nigerian Red Tourmaline

Photo credit:  Wayne Emery

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